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Offering speciality vegan foods since 2021


Q: Are you a restaurant?

A: No. Taste: Plant-Based offers prepackaged meals, soups, and salads (all of which are made on premises). We also offer a limited selection of grocery and snack items (shelf stable, refrigerated and frozen).


Q:  Do you offer anything gluten-free? 

A:  Currently 15 of our 26 homemade meals, soups and salads are made without any gluten containing ingredients. These items are marked with a (GF) on this site and on the takeout menu. If you have a severe allergy or celiac disease, please be aware that the production facility is not gluten free. Many of the grocery items available are also gluten-free and free of other common allergens.  


Q:  Do you offer delivery? 

A:  Local deliveries are available Tuesday-Saturday after closing for a $10 fee. Please call (856) 352-2017 to place an order, if interested. 

Q:  What is the proper way to handle/heat my meals once I get them home?

A:  Prepared meals should be kept refrigerated and are safe for ten days while sealed. Ask in-store for specific dates regarding packaging and how long you have until you have to either consume or freeze your meal. Trays are oven safe and should be heated at 375*F. for 20-25 minutes. Do not place directly on rack.

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